Kazahk PM Tells Evan to "Get Blogging!"

Kazakh Prime Minister Karim Masimov Monday told his ministers to start personal blogs to get them closer to the people of the former Soviet state.

"I have opened a blog on the government Website," Masimov said. "I order all ministers... to start personal blogs where people will be able to ask you questions that you must answer."

Masimov commended ministers who'd already set up their own blogs, but encourages bloggers like Evan to blog more frequently, stating, "That Blago idiot is old news at this point and he was impeached 4 days ago. You last wrote on January 1st - almost 2 weeks ago! Most people have already forgotten what their resolutions were, my friend. Hell, I resolved to pay closer attention to what my left eye was doing, especially when I'm on camera.

"It's like, see how my right eye is open and friendly, encouraging discussion like, like..."good cop!" and my left eye is eying you narrowly, like, like the "bad cop!" See what I mean? Well, you can see, obviously, because that picture was taken yesterday. See? I've already gone right back to December 31, 2008 habits.

"Time for some more current information! You think you're day-to-day is boring? NOTHING is boring to people who actually read blogs their ministers! ESPECIALLY those who read them with the intent of asking their ministers questions! And judging from the picture below....let's just say you probably lead a more interesting life than most of my other ministers. BLOG! NOW!"

Picture used totally without permission.

Evan was born in this country, but has a Kazakh relation. He was ordained by the Powers of the Webbernet as a minister in May of 2008. I leave it to you to determine what he is the minister of, exactly....


evandebacle said...

you shall know my vengeance.

OrangeMoJoJo said...

Sometimes I just gotta make sure you're all paying attention out there. (o: Well done!

Rev transit said...


I can't you're making fun of this guy's eye disability. An evil, but lazy, eye has you in it's sights somewhere. It will smite you when convenient.

OrangeMoJoJo said...

I didn't think it was a lazy eye! I just thought he was inadvertently squinting it, like he was concentrating on what he was saying extra-hard.

shannon said...

Don't BEE too hard on Evan! He's obviously BEEn really BEEsy of late. Honey, just concentrate on drone blog. Evan will blog again soon. Hive every confidence in him!

Rev Transit said...

All I know is that in Beverly Hills today, a meeting was called between the Kazakh Anti-Defamation League and the Lazy Eye Mutual Protection Society. Jo, your name came up. They think they can get David Bowie to denounce you and it's possible they may try to get people to boycott the color orange.

I've had to pretend like I don't know you. I hope you don't mind.