An Example of How to Write An Effective Letter

Start with something positive.

Dear WXRT,

First of all, KUDOS to your marketing department for following up on my email saying they "might want to pull that ad for Andriana Furs." I'd written to suggest that the ad be pulled not because I particularly find it offensive (I find nearly all ads offensive, but a necessary evil for running a successful radio station), but because the owner of Adriana Furs pled guilty to money laundering last Friday and I didn't want XRT to look stupid, not ever, but especially not during Lin Brehmer's shift. The marketing manager assured me that XRT does not advertise for any furriers, but told he he'd check it out. Within a half hour I received a thank you email. The ad, which had been bundled with several others advertising a mega-sale that involved several stores, did exist, and had slipped under the radar. Within half an hour of my initial email, it had been tagged and pulled from all future spots.


(Not wanting Lin Brehmer associated with bad things brings me to the not-so-positive point of my letter):

Please. For the love of God. Change the picture on your DJ page:

Its been there forever, so it's not like I've only seen it once while trying to navigate my way to the Lin's Bin page. I *heart* Lin Brehmer, and I *LOOOOOOOOOATHE* Billy Corgan, so every time I see this pic I have this conflicted response for which Pepto Bismol is the only antidote. Maybe it's because I score directly down the middle on all personality tests, but I can't just get mad or just let things go, I have to do both. And usually simultaneously.

"AH!!! BILLY CORGAN!! FAH!!!" *loooooaaattthhhhe!!!*

"But Lin obviously likes him and he looks very happy."

"But...it's BILLY CORGAN!! I HATE him!!!"

"Now now. "Hate" is a very strong word."

"I don't care! Seeing his stupid face brings on a visceral response equal to the one I which I can most easily define as "hate." It's the same response I have to Sarah Palin and eggplant and, and people who put chairs in parking spaces!"

"But see! Terry Hemmert looks happy, too. Not everybody hates Billy Corgan, Jo."

"But...But I do!! And that picture has been there for at least as long as I've been listening to Lin's Bin. I think I've been tortured long enough and deserve a picture of someone, anyone else with Lin Brehmer! Can't they find a pic of Lin with David Bowie or Lyle Lovett, hell, even Amy Winehouse would be a serious improvement. Okayokayokay, it's CHICAGO's finest rock. Maybe that cool guitarist from Cheap Trick, the one with the superloud (but yummy!) pizza restaurant in Wicker Park...Rick Nielson!"

"Cheap Trick is from Rockford."

"Cliff Johnson?"

"Oak Park."

"Ummm...Neko Case!"


"CRAP! Technicalities! Billy Corgan is from Elk Grove Village. You're just being petty! Petty! Tom Petty!?? No, no, no, he's from Florida.... AHA! Ray Manczarek! He's from Chicago!"

"I'll get the camera, you arrange for Ray to come in from Cali when it's 7 degrees here."

"He'll understand how important this is."



Shannon said...

Soooo, have discussions with yerself often? ;) Are they all this weird?

Rev Transit said...

Well, look who else she usually has around to talk to.