WAIT a Minute! YOU'RE Supposed to be "The Tool"

From the NY Times:

"Citigroup, which is receiving more than $300 billion in bailout assistance, says that it is open to measures that would help homeowners.

“Citi shares this legislation’s goal to help distressed borrowers stay in their homes, and believes it will serve as an additional tool to the extensive home retention programs currently in place to help at-risk borrowers,” Vikram S. Pandit, the chief executive of Citigroup, wrote in a letter released Thursday night."

EXCUSE me? You get 300 BILLION dollars and you're "OPEN TO MEASURES?" What the HELL are you morons DOING??! You're supposed to be USING THE $300,000,000,000.00 - (Holy God! That's ELEVEN ZEROS following that three! I didn't know numbers went up that high! And that's not even THE HALF OF IT!) that you needed to help homeowners, to HELP HOMEOWNERS. What have you been doing with that money???

I think maybe a hell of a lot more accountability checks should have been implemented in this bailout. All's I'm saying. Makes me sick to think about all that blown money and ZERO (that's one zero or eleven. Adds up just the same) accountability.

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