A Marketing Tip for FaceBook

If you're looking to sell a single bottle of that "amazing anti-wrinkle cream!!!" that can make you look "as young as these stars who are FORTY!!!" (OMG! 40?!??! *GASP!!!*)

Stop using these pictures as examples of how young and hot "YOU TOO can look!!":

I mean, where did you even FIND these pics? I'm no fan of Jennifer "Friendszzzzzzzzzzzzzz" Aniston or Julia "Can't Act Her Way Out Of A Box, Oh, And By The Way, Lyle Lovett Deserved Way Better Than You All Along!" Roberts, but you have to go pretty far out of your way to find pictures this awful outside of a tabloid. It's like you're pulling a McCain, who I think was totally screwing with...everyone by seeing just how awful and unattractive he could make his product (his entire presidential campaign) look and still have anyone at all buy it. I mean, honestly, is this some kind of research project? Are you gathering data by counting how many FaceBook users see your ads and don't click on them?

(I think "Pulling a McCain" should be added to the American lexicon meaning "compulsively and consciously going out of your way to make bad choices because you think nothing you do will turn the tides from favorable when they weren't actually favoring you to begin with. You were just deluded all along.")

I can't actually tell you what this product is, incidentally, because you have to "CLICK HERE!" to find out.



Mu said...

My FB ads are all scantily-clad women somehow advertising "Make money with Google!" How? By prostitution? Nary a click on my end.

Shannon said...

Funny, I don't seem to have any ads at all on my facebook page... ;)