2 Signs That Marketers Are Taking "Food Porn" In A Totally WRONG!!!!! Direction

1) The Bacon Tuxedo, which actually smells like bacon:

Now, I LOVE bacon, and the smell of bacon. I drool over bacon. But do I lust for bacon?...okay that's arguable. But do I want to sleep with bacon??


2) Flame Cologne by Burger King. No, this is not a joke. It's actually for sale. Yes, they've actually bottled that trademark Burger King smell so you can smell like one of their tasty flame-broiled burgers yourself! You can have that smell with you, and on you, all day long...

Okay this is just so wrong on so many levels. Again, yes, Burger King smells fantastic. They've got that DOWN. But it's fast food. Do you really want to smell like something you can get 4 of for under $10? I don't think so. And again, I just do NOT want my man to smell like a piece of meat. This is GROSS. I am not a cannibal.

You know what's even MORE gross?

The ads.

If I wasn't off the red meat before, baby, I certainly am now! *barf!*

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