Blogging Rashomon Style - But About 24 Hours Late

I do apologize for this being posted a day late. Shannon and I picked up a bookcase yesterday, an errand we were going to run today but we'd heard the weather was going to be CRAP (which it totally is.) Then we, erm, I, had to be a total anal freak and rearrange THE WHOLE BOOK COLLECTION (we have 1500-2000 books) to fill the new bookcase without just throwing things in will-nilly. There have to be SECTIONS. There has to be FLOW. The fact that I've nearly accomplished both in just over 4 hours of actively working on this project is a bit of a concern. I'm getting WAY too productive with my OCD and it's bound to find new ways to exhibit itself to torture me.

Shannon and I took off after work on Friday to head down to Hyde Park where we'd meet James for dinner and a movie and an episode of "The Mighty Boosh" and a lovely spilled riesling and a look-see at the medieval and theology sections at Powell's book store.

I got home at about 5, puttered about for about an hour to work off the stress of driving an hour and a half in Friday afternoon traffic, and we headed to Starbucks where I made AN AMAZING DISCOVERY!!!: The Starbucks on Lincoln and Wilson has a little tiny parking lot!!! They share it with Fleet Feet! Already the evening was promising to be fantastic.

We arrived at James just before 7 (me? early?? I know, right!?!?) and we left directly for Medici's. I was expecting Medici's to be packed because, well, it always is - especially on a Friday night, but it wasn't even half-full when we arrived. James informed me that this was the U of C's spring break, so I assumed all of the people in the place were losers with no friends and I looked sympathetically at all of them in turn. They, in turn, looked confused and alarmed.

As per usual, I had my entree selections narrowed down to two. I do this EVERY TIME we go out to eat at a new restaurant. I used to work as a waitress and bartender, and I learned early that if you suggest something that is REALLY GOOD, your tips reflect how happy the customer's belly is based on your suggestion. Many waitpersons totally screw this up by immediately suggesting the most pricey dish on the menu. Those waitpersons do not get tipped well if the most pricey dish on the menu isn't very tasty (I MEAN YOU, WAITER AT PAPASPIROS IN OAKBROOK!!! THAT LOBSTER MOUSSE DISH WAS DISGUSTING, AND I STILL HATE YOU FOR IT 8 YEARS LATER!!!) So I narrowed it down to the turkey burger and the salmon salad special. The waitress immediately pointed me toward the salmon special and was so sincerely jealous that I could order it and she could not (waitstaff can order anything from the menu except for the specials, turns out), that I took her suggestion. And was delighted. It was a little salty, but REALLY tasty.

After dinner we headed for Powell's where Shannon and I went directly to the medieval history section because we are nerds. We found a couple of books on Wales (we're going there in June, so we want to be prepared! Or at least able to pronounce stuff, like the names of places we'll be driving through), I found one on Dublin during the time of the Black Death (the plague from an Irishman's perspective! What could be more bleak??) and a gorgeous book on the designing and building of cathedrals. I got out of Powell's with $66 worth of books, James with $35, and Shannon? $120. Oh, and then we borrowed four more books from James because, obviously, we don't have enough to read including this one, which will offset the dense textbook on the middle ages that I'm currently tackling nicely.

Shannon and I put our take in the trunk of our car on the way back to James' to pretend the rape of the medieval section at Powell's hadn't happened. The day before we purchased OUR LAST BOOKCASE AND WE MEAN IT THIS TIME!!! no less.

After making ourselves "comfortable" on James' futon (note to James: I'll be sending you the bill for the hemorrhoid cream and x-rays to rule out sciatica in the mail later this week), we were introduced to The Mighty Boosh, season 3, episode I: "Eels."


It is NUTS! It's an iTunes downloadable acid trip! I can't even describe it other than to say: I LOVE IT!! Oh, wait - it's not on iTunes. That means we have to subscribe for cable to get Adult Swim in order to view it. That or James is going to find us complaining on his futon every week or so.

After being Boosh-whacked, James broke out the booze - 43 for him and a lovely riesling for us, which I spilled about an hour into the film (thanks for not kicking me out for that, James!). We watched a film noir movie directed by Stanley Kubrick called The Killing (1956). I recommend it - especially if you're a fan of the film noir style. It was a bit disconcerting, though, that Nikki (Timothy Carey) one of the guys involved in the scheme looked a bit like Noel Fielding.

Aethelred was very interested in that clip, BTW - he watched it with me to see if he agreed Carey resembled Fielding after all. He's not so sure, and thinks maybe I was a bit "touched" by Boosh. He doesn't think I should watch it anymore, that maybe the pink-tentacled-head dude will be the next thing I'm seeing everywhere.

This is an outrage!

We had a great time hanging out with you, James! Thank you again! Now if you'll excuse me, I have to get back to my booky wook.


Butternugget said...

On Boosh, the US region 1 DVDs are out in late July. Or, if you have a region free DVD player I can lend you mine. Always happy to make more Boosh fans.

OrangeMoJoJo said...

We don't have a region-free player, but I do appreciate your offer! We'll just have to wait til July. We've got Monk and The Wire to keep us entertained until then...