If Katy Perry Had Talent,

She'd be Lily Allen.

Give a listen to my favorite song of the year so far, "The Fear."

It does contain some foul language, but then, it is Lily Allen.

Why, yes, that is a decapitated Bambi dress she's wearing!

I'm pretty sure this girl would have been a hero of mine if I was in high school at the height of her popularity. Minus her drinking binges and foul outbursts, that is. I was pretty straight-laced despite my appearance - a half-shaved head, the other half dyed purple-y-black, Doc Martens, "Party Naked!" t-shirts*** and jeans that I'd shredded with wear. You young whippersnappers that buy your jeans pre-shredded make me sad.

***(that shirt disappeared right quick as soon as my mom got a hold of it despite the the fact that our drama club had printed them up as anti-drug campaign (partying "naked" was partying sans drugs, not sans clothing, mom! Come on! Now where's my shirt? I know you've still got it hidden in the basement somewhere - you would NEVER throw away a perfectly good shirt, no matter how offensive! I know you're at least using it as a rag.))


Rev Transit said...

Jo, your mom wears that Party Naked shirt all the time when you're not around.

I think I've told this before but Lily Allen was great on The Big Fat Trivia Quiz of 2007 when she sang her Bum Bum Song. Not safe for work or parents link here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v_4tQ3UZOlo

(Russell Brand, Noel Fielding and Jonathan Ross are pretty good on that, too. And Rob Bryson's good, too, though David Mitchell comes off as a jerk.)

The show aired in December of 2007, I think, and in 2008 the Dervish & I met up with Claire & Jeff in London & I suggested that one evening we should go to a pub that got good reviews and catch a skit show centering on British news events. Of course, the Dervish & I missed a lot of the jokes, including one at Lily Allen's expense. Only when I found this show on Youtube did I finally know what they were referring to-- this show.

OrangeMoJoJo said...

I was familiar with some of Allen's music, but moreso her antics and fashion fuggery, until about a week ago when I first heard "The Fear."

Wait, David Mitchell?? Author of _Cloud Atlas_ David Mitchell?? I have to watch that clip again. But not until I get home! (o:

Rev Transit said...

Different David Mitchell.