It's A Jungle Out There

Shannon and I are watching Monk via NetCrack, and we're about halfway through season 2. The theme has changed from the one I liked in season 1, an upbeat instrumental light jazzy piece, to one I'm conflicted about - Randy Newman's "It's A Jungle Out There." It's not that it's a bad song, I actually quite like it. It cracks me up every time he sings "I could be wrong now/BUT I DON'T THINK SO!" Heh! Good stuff!

My problem is that Randy Newman has been forever tainted for me by Will Sasso's portrayal of him in several sketches on MTV. Sasso was so good that the two of them - Randy Newman and Will Sasso is: Randy Newman - have been completely enmeshed in my brain. I can't think of Randy Newman without seeing Will Sasso as Randy Newman. And as you can see here, that's a good thing, and that's a bad thing:

Speaking of songs about Star Wars....

You'll thank me for this later.


Butternugget said...

Secret confession...I sometimes think the words to Bill Murray's version when I hear the theme.

OrangeMoJoJo said...

I sometimes sing Bill Murray's version in the shower or when I'm puttering about the apartment! (o:

Rev Transit said...

Dr. Soap and I have been watching Monk of late--we're on Season 3 now-- and this is something I feel strongly about: Randy Newman by a longshot.

I've been a big fan of his for a long time and I chuckle every time I hear It's a Jungle Out There. My favorite line is that other throwaway "Who's in charge here?", although "if you'd paid attention, you'd be worried, too" is awesome. And, "I don't think so" is awesome, too. Oh, I just can't choose. Too much to like.

Have you gotten to the Sarah Silverman episode, yet?

OrangeMoJoJo said...

I agree with you. Randy Newman's song is just PERFECT for Monk! My favoritist of favorite lines from that song is "You better pay attention/Or this world we love so much/Might just kill you/I could be wrong now/But I don't think so!"

I still adore Randy Newman, it's just that I see Will-Sasso-as-Randy-Newman whenever I hear this song. Which isn't a bad thing - I also adore Will Sasso!

We haven't seen Sarah Silverman, but we did see Xena in Burn Notice!

OrangeMoJoJo said...

OH! And we saw the episode of Monk where Dwight from The Office was the bad guy.