EEW!! (aka, Eat a Sammich!!)

Now I obsess about my weight as much as the next guy, but if you EVER see my thighs are smaller in circumference than my calves:

That one in the middle, ironically, puts me off my lunch. Freaking GROSS.

....force-feed me a burger. Or any other tasty, fat-laden sammich!

I've blogged about this before, but really, when are marketers going to learn to dress real women in their clothes as opposed to these stick bugs? And why is it that businesses who are selling us these images are still in business? It's really disturbing. I mean, if the camera adds 20 pounds....*shudder.*

I love that the stick bug in the middle was apparently too large to squeeze into the blazer they chose for her too, btw. Nice touch. Apparently, she's just too fat to wear their clothes. Seeing as I probably weigh 30 pounds more than the three of them combined....



OMG!!! I WON 2 THREE-DAY PASSES TO LOLLAPALOOZA!!!!!!! *insert maniacal laughter here!*


From Dust(ers) to Dirt

So I was going to look up pics of David Tennant as Dr. Who and of as Michael K Williams** as Omar Little. Omar's my favorite character on The Wire - the most addictive show I've ever seen, no DOUBT.) Why, you ask (halfheartedly or politely to be sure, but you ask none the less because your my friends and you don't want to see me cry)?

To compare their dusters, of course!

Heck it's MayDay! Time to bring life back to this here blog! I needed AN IDEA. These two amazingly charismatic characters both wear dusters! Isn't that AMAZING!!?? Okay, maybe mildly interesting?.... OkayokayOKAY!, more of just an observation. Turns out there's really nothing more to it than that, though in doing this "research" I found I really do like Williams's duster better for two reasons:

1) it's such a classic Old West-looking thing, a fact more evident from the back. Unfortunately, I couldn't find a shot (no pun intended) of Omar wearing the duster while walking away, so your extra credit homework* for the weekend is to watch a classic western such as Young Guns, which is chock fulla dusters, as well as dusty brat packers.

Is that Kiefer Sutherland??
...I feel so old.

2) Omar's able to wander down the street in full daylight with a freaking shotgun fully concealed under that thing. FAR more impressive than hiding a sonic screwdriver the size of a hefty fountain pen! You feel me?

Sure this is fascinating and all, but, as always, when I start researching anything for my blog, I end up learning new stuff. Like, for instance, David Tennant was dating his daughter back in June.

WHOAWHOAWHOA! His character's daughter! Dr. Who's daughter! *Phew!* Sorry about that. But really, people! I can't believe you actually thought...? *shakes head in shame.* So yeah! Georgia Moffat, daughter of Peter Davidson, was (maybe still is? I'm not up to date on this celebrity personal life stuff) dating David Tennant. That kinda made me grin a little. I thought they really had a chemistry on screen. Which led me to wonder.....

about Sophia Myles.

She'd played Madame de Pompadour in one of my favorite episodes, "Girl in the Fireplace." I would have LOVED to have seen her or as the next companion. Heck, I would have loved to have seen her as the next Doctor! Not only were those two SMOKIN' on screen, she was A PRESENCE. So I looked her up...

...and sure enough! found myself back at the same article. Turns out they'd dated for two years!

The guy's got taste.

So when it looks like there's chemistry on screen with our good Doctor, there probably is quite a bit going on off-screen, too.

*If you want full credit, you'll have to watch at least the first 4 seasons of The Wire and agree with me that Omar and Lester are The Awesome.

**Williams is appearing in Cormac McCarthy's The Road which is expected to release later this year. He's playing, you guessed it: a thief.