Comparing The Windowy Buildings Opposite the Orange Girls' Offices

OrangeGirl's view:

My view:

Kind of similar, eh? I'll have to get a pic when the sun's just rising and it shines more orange, though.

I totally covet that office there in the far right corner. See those dots along the railing? Four in the pic above and three in the pic below?

They're vultures.

I took these pics with my camera phone (no zoom??? Come ON!) so I apologize for the quality. Now that the vultures are back (we see up to 7 at a time circling over the forest preserve or perched on that railing or both) I'll have to remember to bring my digital camera to get you some better shots. They're facing into that primo estate, top-floor office. I don't know if you can tell, but two of them have their wings spread to dry in the early morning sun, so they're facing into the office with their wings fanned out. How creepy cool would that be!??! I dream of having that office with my desk facing the center of the room with my back to the window so when I called in subordinates to give them their reviews or listen to their reports or whatever, I could really mess with them psychologically. Those ginormous birds would be staring in, leaning forward, wings spread, while I said something like, "Jenkins, you were in charge of the Shearwater file, correct? So what I can't understand is why they suddenly dropped us - after two full months of preparation and negotiation - and took their $17.2-billion-dollar account to Wachovia. Would you care to explain?"

Unlike Mr. Burns, I would have a crisp English accent, and I'd dress solemnly in deep greys with no adornment aside from maybe one of those silver, sharp finger spikes on my right middle finger.

You know, the kind that vampires use in Laurell Hamilton stories to pierce the jugular.

My ORANGE!!! Docs would be hidden beneath my desk.

Not that I've given this much thought or anything! But if climbing the corporate ladder means getting that office, I'm heading to REI for some mountain gear after work.

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