I Wish Rupert Had Consulted His Rock Star Twin Before Going Under the Knife

So when I started this post, I'd written "Steve Perry and Rupert Everett: Separated At Birth?" which was hilarious because the only way Steve Perry resembles Rupert Everett is.... well, they don't resemble each other at all. Not really.

I mean, sure, they both have brown hair, but that's where the similarity ends.

Steve Perry sings on-very-high-key and Rupert sings badly off-key backup vocals for Madonna's crappy remakes. Steve Perry is a mascot for the Chicago Sox

and Rupert Everett may have dated a baseball star. Or not. For someone so open about his sexuality he sure keeps his private life private. Also Steve Perry seems like a pretty nice guy, whereas Rupert Everett proves he's an ignorant, shallow jerk every time he opens his mouth.

Anywhozits, we can safely conclude that Steve Perry does not resemble Rupert Everett in any way. You know who else does not resemble Rupert Everett?

Rupert Everett.

I came across a current photo of Rupert that made me choke and sputter into my fat free Stonyfield vanilla yogurt:

This right here totally calls for a string of interrobangs

For the love of all things orange what did he do to his face I'm sorry, but is he looking to break into the game show marketI hadn't heard.

He went from this:

to this:

to this:

to this:

to this

to this:

to this

to this

(DEFINITELY showing some work done here)

To the game show host shot I showed you earlier.


Now back to the reason for my original post's title. I'd typed Steve Perry but I MEANT JOE Perry, of Aerosmith fame. He strongly resembles a younger Mr. Everett.

It's almost eerie. They're even about the same height. However, RE never called on Joe to consult with him about plastic surgeons. And I could be wrong, but I'm guessing Joe might have had some work done.

You see, he's 9 years older than Rupert Everett. RE was born in 1959; Perry in 1950. And, too, Perry is with Aerosmith. A band not known for sedate easy listening and early bedtimes. Aerosmith is to, say, The Jonas Brothers what rabid tasmanian devils are to downy baby chickens. Or downy semi-clad blondes.

(I'm pretty sure Steven Tyler is NOT wearing a ring on his left finger for the same reason as Joe Jonas)

So, yeah. Joe Perry is no downy chicken. Nor is he blonde.

This metaphor has totally gotten away from me some how....?

But he has been with Aerosmith since the mid-seventies. So he should not look like this:

He should look a wee bit more like this:

Yet for all the nasty things RE had to say about Michael Jackson and his multiple surgeries (I'm not going to link to them because they're really just dumb), he seems to have be frequenting MJ's surgeon. He has an older, better looking version of himself to turn to in Joe Perry, a version that has been doing a pretty stunning job of looking, well, Perry actually resembles himself, yet Everett chooses instead to go to the guy they used as a consultant for Repo! The Genetic Opera.

Though instead of the package that MJ had signed up for ("Whiter Than White, Disappearing Nose, Propofol for Personal At-Home Use"), he's opted for the the Classic 1980s Game Show Host package: "'Flesh' (the 1979 Crayola crayon color), Bruce Campbell Chin, 5cc Botox PRN expression."

Though imittion is the highest form of flattery!


"Nothing I Can Do

It's (a literal translation of) a Total Eclipse of the Heart:"

More Pics From Wales, Day 1 (13 June, 2009)

Wind turbines along the A494

I'm surprised to find I didn't take very many pictures of the cottage we stayed in until later in the week. I must have been just too exhausted to think to do anything but crash as soon as we arrived and sorted out who was sleeping where, so please enjoy some more pics of Rug Chapel.

Flower boxes along the fence leading to the gift shop/entrance to the Chapel grounds

Funky plant outside front door of gift shop

Rug Chapel

Baptismal font (note the writing is in Welsh)

The pews were carved from one piece of wood.

Detail in the molding. There's a different animal/figure in the center of each panel.

Stained glass windows on side wall

Wooden chandelier. My dad said "This place reminds me of New Glarus," which goes along with Tom and Sioban's theme that Wales is the Wisconsin of the UK. You can see the railing for the small balcony in the background.

Ceiling above the altar painted with stars and angels. You can barely make out the date painted on the crossbeam: 1637.

Beautifully painted crossbeam and fun squiggly painted ceiling

Chapel's exterior

My first pic of the Welsh countryside taken from the Rug Chapel parking lot

There are some more excellent pictures here. I have a real problem with lighting inside dark old buildings. The flash is too harsh and washes everything out (ie: the chandelier), but you risk not seeing anything at all (ie: the detailed carving along the sides of the pews) if you don't use a flash.

We didn't see nearby Llangar All Saints Church which I'm totally kicking myself for now. It's not easy to get to, and you do have to arrange for a key, so going on the same day as Rug was out of the question. We toyed with coming back on our way back to the airport, but there was just too much to do and see so it fell through the cracks. Llangor Church is a much older church, parts of which were built in the 15th century, and several of the features - including the wall paintings - have been preserved.

Including this one, painted in the 17th century:

Skeleton, with grave digging tools at the ready, holding an arrow aimed at the congregation.