Dude, The Fireys are BACK!

Remember the Fireys? Those playful muppets from the movie Labyrinth who wanted to play catch with Sarah's head? God, I wish they'd succeeded. She was an annoy-ING whiner-butt! Anyhoo, they sang a song called "Chilly Down" while they flew their heads around by their flappy ears. Here's the clip:

Now listen to this song called "Zoomba" by a band SUPPOSEDLY called the Starlight Mints and TELL me this isn't the Fireys reunited. Maybe they lost the rights to their original name or something. Maybe the original drummer, Firey 5*, refused to agree to join the band or sell the rights to the name to the other 4 members, Firey 1, Firey 2, Firey 3, and Firey 4 because he (or she - never really knew the sex of those things) was still totally bitter over some incident where they were goofing off and they threw his head too far and it landed in The Bog of Stench and got stuck there in the muck and he had to listen to that other uber-annoying character, Sir Didymus, yammer on and on and on and ON for DAYS before he was finally able roll himself out by the use of sheer will and ear-power, only to find his so-called "friends" had totally not even NOTICED he was gone because they were too busy trying eachothers heads on his body and laughing insanely EVERY SINGLE TIME because that shit just never gets old.

Dude, it's EERIE - the exact same thing that happened to the Doors, but without the Bog or the dog or the rolling one's head like a log.

(I do love Fridays!)

*Why incidentally, were there three Firey 5s? Was this some kind of Spinal Tap exploding drummer situation? I would imagine any band member would be in danger, really, not just the drummer. They all did tend to get a bit wild.


Best Food Blog EVER

Luxirare.com. This is not food porn, it's food performance art.

Food is turned into pieces of art by a guy dressed in white down to his snazzy platform shoes.

Somehow he pulls off matching a white belt to a pair of white shoes without invoking Herb Tarlek.

I don't know why I read the text of this blog with a German accent? I mean, in my head, of course. I keep thinking of "Sprockets," but this blog is white on white whereas Dieter was more black on black:

Watching that "Sprockets" clip made me as happy as a little girl!

It's Official:

I no longer resemble Sandra Bullock.

So when you see her from now on, I ask that you don't think of me. This is how I want to be remembered:

Because unless I've had one to many glasses of Pinot at a mardi-gras-themed restaurant and I lose a bet, I'll never wear something with a top where they've pinned different colored napkins or other sundry table linens to my boobs.

Or satin, for that matter.

Or those shoes.

Unless they're really comfy.

And then I'll only wear them with jeans.


I Didn't Realize They Allowed Anime Comics

...to participate in America's Next Top Model? The contestant on the right proves me wrong.

Hey! Look Who's Back!


He's done the pendulum swing, going from a legend who commanded respect - especially from the Bears - to the butt-end of jokes made by the Bears.

Dude! Get a hobby!!


I received a letter from my insurance company stating that two of my medications are no longer listed on their formulary. Seeing as I already pay $15 over the copay for each of them I don't know what this is going to mean to my wallet, but whatever it is, I'll just have to pay it. They did helpfully offer me a "generic alternative" for each of them, though! How swell of them! See, a generic alternative is NOT the same as a generic equivalent. An alternative is not the same medicine as the brand, whereas an equivalent is the same medicine. For example, Zyrtec, an allergy medicine, has no generic equivalent. Not yet. Zyrtec is citirizine HCl, but generic drug makers cannot make cetirizine HCl until Pfizer's patent runs out. A generic alternative to Zyrtec would be loratidine, the generic equivalent of Claritin. With me so far? The only thing these two drugs - Zyrtec and loratadine - have in common is that they're both prescribed for allergies. They are NOT the same drug. Patients are being told to ask their doctors for generic alternatives because they are cheaper than the brand name meds that currently have no generic equivalents available, not because they've been proven to work as well for the patient.

I have no problem with generic equivalents. With very few exceptions (such as blood thinners and thyroid medications) they are exactly the same medicine as what's in the pricier brand names. If a generic is available, I'll happily switch to it. Unfortunately, two of the medications that I'm currently taking have no such equivalent, not yet. I'd tried the cheaper "alternative" medications for each of them for months before switching to the pricier brand, and I'd switched to the new medications because the old ones didn't work for me. One of them even gave me some nasty side effects that I don't suffer from with the newer medicine.

So now I get this letter telling me to ask my doctor to switch me to these two alternative medicines in order to save myself some money. Yes, they do define what a generic alternative is in a footnote, but I'm thinking quite a few people are going to see the words "no longer covered" and "generic" and they're going to call their docs right then and there.

What gets me about this is our insurance is REALLY FREAKING EXPENSIVE. Like, SERIOUSLY expensive. So why the letter? I'm sure I'm not the only one who got one. Why the corner cutting? And why now? Why were these drugs taken off the formulary now when I've been taking them both for over 7 years?

Could it be they're paying more out to lobbyists and politicians to try and cut off any changes to the existing health care system from which they are making bajillions of dollars, and they need every buck they can get to fight the switch to a universal health care program, or even a competitive co-op program? Call me a cynic, but the timing is pretty coincidental.