Dude, The Fireys are BACK!

Remember the Fireys? Those playful muppets from the movie Labyrinth who wanted to play catch with Sarah's head? God, I wish they'd succeeded. She was an annoy-ING whiner-butt! Anyhoo, they sang a song called "Chilly Down" while they flew their heads around by their flappy ears. Here's the clip:

Now listen to this song called "Zoomba" by a band SUPPOSEDLY called the Starlight Mints and TELL me this isn't the Fireys reunited. Maybe they lost the rights to their original name or something. Maybe the original drummer, Firey 5*, refused to agree to join the band or sell the rights to the name to the other 4 members, Firey 1, Firey 2, Firey 3, and Firey 4 because he (or she - never really knew the sex of those things) was still totally bitter over some incident where they were goofing off and they threw his head too far and it landed in The Bog of Stench and got stuck there in the muck and he had to listen to that other uber-annoying character, Sir Didymus, yammer on and on and on and ON for DAYS before he was finally able roll himself out by the use of sheer will and ear-power, only to find his so-called "friends" had totally not even NOTICED he was gone because they were too busy trying eachothers heads on his body and laughing insanely EVERY SINGLE TIME because that shit just never gets old.

Dude, it's EERIE - the exact same thing that happened to the Doors, but without the Bog or the dog or the rolling one's head like a log.

(I do love Fridays!)

*Why incidentally, were there three Firey 5s? Was this some kind of Spinal Tap exploding drummer situation? I would imagine any band member would be in danger, really, not just the drummer. They all did tend to get a bit wild.

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